“Rules & Information”


Items you choose to sell is up to you as the vendor unless otherwise stated.

No firearms, pornography, taxidermy, livestock, outdated, illegal or pirated merchandise.

Items that requires paper work must be obtained before moving in and approved by Shawn’s Flea Market!

Check sales online at https://www.goantiquing.net/shawns enter your vendor ID “password is blank by default”

Booth Displays

If merchandise is incomplete or missing pieces, customers must be notified, please list item condition on all tags.

Lock expensive, dangerous and smaller items that may be likely stolen in showcases.

Prices and description on items in showcases must be visible to customers.

Use appropriate shelving, racks and showcases to display items for sale.

Do not pile merchandise on the floor of booth area.

Vendors must supply all booth materials.

Tags must give a detailed description to prevent tag switching.

Discount sales must be given to register with valid dates and description.

Moving In

Rent must be paid prior to moving in. This is non-refundable.

All vendors must have a City of Berea business license.

There is a loading dock available when the front door is not accessible.

All merchandise and booth materials must stay inside booth boundaries.

Booth may not have rugs, cords, or other tripping hazards on the floor.

Ensure all merchandise is accessible to customers, including hanging items.

Moving Out

Rent will not be pro-rated for any reason.

Notice must be given in person with a written notice statement signed by the contract holder.

Electronic notices will not be accepted.

Notices provided with less than seven (7) days to the end of the month will not be accepted for the following month.

When moving out, we reserve the right to thoroughly search vendors if needed.


All administrative decisions will be carried out by Owner, Shawn Sparks. Employees may give information and help with questions; however, all answers should be verified with the owner.

All sales and taxes must come through the register, we then file and turn into I.R.S for our vendors.

When sharing a booth, whom ever signs this contract is responsible for fees and actions of other party.

Racism, profanity, religious abuse, harassment, theft, violence etc… Will not be tolerated. Anyone participating in these actions will be asked to leave, and may give up their booth rent. If circumstances require it, authorities will be called and charges may be pressed.

We reserve the right to refund customers from vendor’s account, change hours, pricing, relocate or move any time.

Checks expire in 30 days of issue; we reserve the right to not re-issue expired checks.

No after-hours access for vendors – no exceptions.

All vendors with a negative balance by the 7th of the month will be charged a $25 late fee. If the late fee is not paid by the 7th of the month the vendor forfeits all merchandise and property on-site and legal action may be taken, if shared vendors have a positive balance it may be forfeited to pay negative balance left by other shared vendor.

Booths that need us to clean or work on will be charged a fee!

Vendor checks are ready by the 1st unless delayed. They are made out to the “licensed business holder” and may only be picked up by the contracted vendor.

Sales printouts will only be provided with checks, for daily sales vendors must check the online system. We will not give yearly printouts you must keep track of your statements for taxes.

Third parties will not be permitted to remove items from booth on behalf of vendors, this will be treated as theft.

Damages caused by vendors or anyone associated with that vendor will be the responsibility of the contract holder.

Shawn’s Flea Market is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise; or tag switching issues.

Vendors are responsible to check returned items in return area, items not picked up within seven (7) days will become property of Shawn’s Flea Market.

When working at your booth, do not go into other vendor’s booths or hallway to conduct business.

Contact Shawn’s Flea Market by phone, email, or in person. Do not contact owner via social media or personal information.

I agree to the rules and regulations set out by Shawn’s Flea Market and verify that all information given is complete and accurate!